Ayo Breeze

An American Hip-Hop recording artist, songwriter, and producer from New York.

Born in Brooklyn, he spent the first six years of his life in a small apartment, but soon thereafter, his parents had saved enough money to relocate to Queens, where he has lived ever since attending school & studying music. His roots and family members reside in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, but his swag and identity were all made in Queens, hence his motto—“I represent Queens but I was raised out in Brooklyn”—a spin on the famous quote from Queens native rapper LL Cool J.

Breeze would first start creating and writing music at the young age of 8 years and would soon grow as he learned how to make beats on his MPC 2000 and become a popular DJ as well. Through years of practice, his talents emerged allowing him to become multi-faceted and triple threat while producing music for others such a the late “Chinx”. Thereafter Ayo Breeze would burst onto the scene via radio & TV nationally on platforms such as Hot 97, Power 105, Music Choice, Bet & MTV, with his singles “Butt Gettin’ Big” “Bounce On It” & “Joe Jackson” taking radio and internet by storm.

His recently released songs “OverTime” & “Welcome To The Next” have been featured on the popular video game NBA2K21 and were also used on ESPN /ABC Sports Networks & NFL Networks. For more information about Ayo Breeze including tour dates, merchandise, and the latest music.



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